Our Edge

Get a reliable partner for advice

While dealing with matters of finance you must be careful of the reputation of the company and our clients vouch for our integrity & the trust they have in us
As a testimony of our trust, we even handle client's bank accounts and represent them on their board
None of our clients have left us to take services of any other outsourced vendor till date. We ensure that their expectations are always surpassed by our dedicated team. That’s why billion dollar companies remain our client for so long

Global service standards yet Indian pricing

We understand the competitive pressures and the need to control costs. Hence, we charge a very reasonable price by optimizing resource utilization and technology at our end
We also take guarantee that you are covered against any penalties that arise due to our fault

Technology to help you get the right data

We use technology to get compelling practical insights to help you take right decisions based on sound logic and data
We are committed to improve the technology infrastructure so that you get access to data when needed at a minimal cost

Every time, on time performance

We have an impeccable track record of providing all statutory compliances and reports to clients on time
Be it statutory compliance or MIS reporting, we provide it all before time and are ready to even take penalty in case the compliances are not met

Acting as your strategic finance function

As an entrepreneur of a growing business, it is difficult to manage fund raising, financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow monitoring, negotiating contracts, implementing systems, compliances and also manage day-to-day operations
We act as your partner to ensure that you meet all compliances, keep pace with changing regulations and yet are able to devote time to grow your business
We offer a bouquet of services as a team, managing optimum combination of CFOs, CAs, lawyers, junior accounts and others to get you all services without added cost
Add different perspectives and scenarios to help you evaluate projects, deals, products, etc., better.

Our Clientele

We serve companies from the following countries.
Arthtech served in Austria Australia Canada USA France UAE Malaysia Italy Germany