Virtual CFO

Arthtech is one of the leading virtual CFO services in India. We take ownership of your Financial Accounting, Taxation, Service Tax, Sales Tax / VAT, Central Excise, Company law and adherence to compliance & reporting.

It is natural for a fast-growing SME to hire or outsource professionals in a fast-changing operating environment.

Why the concept of a Virtual CFO is catching on in India? AT Arthtech we understand all the complexities and work towards a solution for all:

Complex business environment calls for changes in strategy Increasing demand from even small businesses for high quality financial expertise activity
Current generation heading family-run businesses also values role of CFO Private equity firms, want CFO to help them assess a company before they invest in it
Greater compliance requirements, global accounting standards, changing regulatory environment
CFOs often have strong relationships with banks and financial institutions, which come in handy when the company negotiates a loan.
CFOs improve governance, timely compliance and budgeting A virtual CFO empowers the CEO with information -
for example, a weekly list of debtors and the age of their debt, monthly reports on the profitability of new clients, and quarterly analysis of client revenues for early detection of a downtrend.
A CFO goes beyond accounts to build a sustainable business model, introduce robust controls, ensure regulatory compliance and raise resources.
A CFO makes the company funding ready.
A CFO clarifies cost goals for various departments, and enables the CEO to analyze and allocate profits from individual projects.
For an engineering client, the CFO sets up costing and cost follow-up systems to monitor the production cycle and identify gaps

Our Clientele

We serve companies from the following countries.
Arthtech served in Austria Australia Canada USA France UAE Malaysia Italy Germany